Welcome to Flippin Birds, a Sherman Oaks Enterprises LLC company, where we turn junk and scraps into cool birdhouses. 

I started making birdhouses as gifts for family and friends about 5 years ago.  They were so well received, I started getting requests to make custom birdhouses for others.  This was the beginning of Flippin Birds.

Being a bit of a pack rat with a barn full of scrap wood, I try to make all of  my houses from the stock I have on hand.  I have a network of sources for scrap wood and odd hardware that keeps me supplied with most of what I need to build unique and stylish birdhouses.  The goal is to reuse and repurpose as much as possible. Sometimes I run low and have to hit the local lumber yard, but try to work out a deal to take their twisted and warped boards at a discount. This keeps  our costs down and keeps more waste out of the landfill.  

To learn more about how we reuse and repurpose material, visit the Grading page.

Want a custom house?  I can do it. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

Thanks for stopping by Flippin Birds.